Feed The Dog

RS 049LP RS 049LP

Klein Zage veers away from dance music and into a world of innovative alt pop with an emotional portrayal of fondness, detachment, and monotony. Sage Redman (aka Klein Zage) has moved around from Seattle, to South East London, and now finds herself in upstate New York. She has always kept close a desire to reinvent herself as an artist against this backdrop of ever-changing scenery. Klein Zage established herself with previous releases on her own label, Orphan, which she runs with long term collaborator Joey G ii (real name Joe Gillick). Her previous work fuses electronic sounds with spoken social commentaries about themes of the city, femininity, and the hospitality industry. Sage's new album, Feed The Dog, is her debut release on Rhythm Section INTL. These songs have a feel of disassociated longing. A sort of serene, catatonic beauty that leaves an inwardly emotional imprint. After the music finds time to sit with the listener, Klein's poetic vision becomes even more sublime. Written in a combination of Seattle, a remote Washington fjord called Hood Canal, and London, her music covers a lot of ground. The album is full of songs that merge lines of ethereal dream pop over to left field synth-heavy incantations bursting with electronic energy and haunting ambience. Feed The Dog may sound like a transformation of the former Klein Zage sound. But this is the music she's always been making. Her career-long ambitions have come to fruition with these songs, and now seems like a perfect time for people to hear them. In her own words, Sage says the album "is about the mundane, the routines that tether you to reality, caring for a living breathing being that needs you. Defending the ones you love." These themes, apart from being a literal ode to her dog Steves, provide a metaphor for a defining moment in Klein's career as a musician and lyricist. Feed The Dog is another evolution of Klein Zage's sound as she reinterprets her own creativity once again. This constantly shifting motion is something that has always been with her through each musical endeavor. And will carry on to the next, wherever her artistic direction takes you. For fans of: Eyedress, King Krule, Portishead, FKA Twigs, Cocteau Twins, Otta, WOOM, Tirzah, Salami Rose, Joe Lewis, Homeshake, Ojerime, Ibeyi.