If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now


"The groundbreaking album, Beauty and the Beat was released in 1980 ... Every track is a treasure, a mini teen drama immediately appealing, relatable and memorable ... From the very start they were instantly identifiable and maybe a little out of step ... They indeed had a unique vision ... It wouldn't be long till they would charm the pants off the entire world ... They had everything ... The Go-Go's seemed to be more talented than most of their peers and they were always a few steps ahead ... In 1982 they claimed the number one spot on the Billboard chart and stayed there for six weeks and of course it eventually went double platinum ... The Go-Go's were the first all female band that wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to achieve that massive distinction... They soon proved to be a blueprint and an undeniable inspiration for like-minded girls and they spearheaded a deluge of hopeful girl bands ... Pretty much any successful female artist of the past 40 years will swiftly site The Go-Go's as an important influence. Now Sympathy is releasing a tribute album to the girls who conquered a male dominated industry and essentially changed everything successfully rewriting the rule book... This tribute, If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now features 24 bands... Included in the line-up are a few big-hitters and others you'll likely be hearing for the first time... I've been working on this since last year with the rather amazing Travis Ramin and tirelessly he has helped turn it into an impressive reality... This was in fact a daunting task and sadly some artists we would of liked to have recruited were unable to participate... Produced by Travis Ramin and with the Mighty GEZA X at the helm tying it all together we are confident it will be an amazing/heartfelt artifact honoring the brilliantly talented and ever-lovely Go-Go's... The good news is that the project has The Go-Go's blessings (they each wrote a tiny note to be included) and it has turned out amazing! Gatefold cover, custom color vinyl, etc..." --Long Gone John xx