Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from...

SR 201CD SR 201CD

...the Sub Rosa Audio Archive. "This time DJ Spooky remixes the complete catalogue of Sub Rosa. The result is a complete re-building of the label in an unique piece of 80 minutes constructed with more than 50 parts. Full of 'Spooky' sounds & grooves. There is the base of this complex architecture ----> Yoshio Machida "Afterimage" mixed w/ Sussan Deyhim "The First Reading" / Tibetan Evening Music / Nuuk Posse "Poesi" mixed w/ Antonin Artaud "alienation et magie noire" / DJ Grazhoppa "Milky Remix" of Bill Laswell / Directions "Encode" mixed w/ e.e. cummings "Let's From Some Loud Unworld's Most Rightful Wrong " / DJ Wally "Zeta Reticulli" mixed w/ Gertrude Stein "If I told him, a completed portrait of Picasso" / Charles Hayward "Accidents and Emergencies (instrumental)" / Bill Laswell "Oscillations (Vedic's live pop remix)" / Vedic "Kali Rising" mixed w/ Tristan Tzara "pour compte (phases, 1949)" / Oval "April Remix" mixed w/ James Joyce "anna livia plurabelle (finnegans wake)" (needs to be louder....) / Oval vs Yoshiro Hanno "April Remix" & Oval vs Main "SDII Audio Template" / David Shea "Satiricon" mixed w/ Marcel Duchamp "some texts from a l'infinitif" / Scola Hungarica "Sanctus" / Jean Luc Fafchamps "Chrysanthemum haradjanii" mixed w/ Meira Asher & Guy Harries "Girl" / Darba Del Hameni "Jilala de Tangier" / Jean Luc Fafchamps "Ground" / Seefeel "Is It Now?" / DJ Wally "Bitchley's Kow Korn" mixed w/ "In Principio - extract from Easter Nocturnal Liturgy" / Scanner "Fuse" / William S. Burroughs and Martin Olson "The Five Steps" / Kim Cascone/Scanner "Atavistic Endeavor" / Scanner "Control Phantom" / Merzbow "Lux Automobile/Krokodil Rock Mix" / Yoshio Machida "Afterimage" mixed w/ Vladimir Maiakovski "Aventure Extraordinaire Arrivée a Vladimir Maiakovski, en été a la Datc" / Claude Debussy "d'un cahier d'esquisses" / David Shea +Tobias Hazan "memoires d'un surfeur au bord du désert" / Disjecta "Bad Day for Wasps" / Matik "Indigo" / Giancinto Scelsi "Suite number 11" / Bill Laswell with Trilok Gurtu "Nothing" / Luciano Berio""Brin" mixed w/ Laswell's "Dislocation" / Brion Gysin "One Night @ the 1001" / Tibetan Evening music / Jon Hassel "Map of Dusk" / C.M. von Hausswolff "With the Flow Against The Current" / Jellaba Titara "Gnaoua De Abenb Binizi" mixed w/ Guillaume Apollinaire "Pont Mirabeau" / Nicholas James Bullen "Again and Again""mixed w/ violin from Brion Gysin recording "at 1001" / Gilles Deleuze "Mille Plateaux" / Nûs "lament" drum break mixed w/ Morton Feldman "Triadic Memories" / Nûs "lament" drum break mixed w/ David Toop "Tricyrtis Latifalia" / Mouse on Mars "Subnubus " / Current 93 "some morning when the moon was blood" mixed w/ Lee Renaldo's remix of "Konstantin Raudive" / Patti Smith "Morning High" / Sussan Deyhim "The Last Reading".