Sound Unbound

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2021 restock, at mid-line pricing. Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archives. This is the second volume and follow-up to DJ Spooky's highly-acclaimed Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archives Vol. 1 released in 2004. DJ Spooky once again remixes the complete Sub Rosa catalog. More groovy and DJ-oriented, including some unpublished audio, important artists and a big Wave Spectrum poster, this is the ultimate continuous mix-up. Sound Unbound is an audio essay that links artists as diverse as Marcel Duchamp, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Antonin Artaud and Allen Ginsberg with stellar music from John Cage, To Rococo Rot, Iannis Xenakis, Philip Glass, Carsten Nicolai and many more. As Spooky himself puts it, "Sound Unbound illustrates the fact that art isn't about objects anymore. Art is a continuous investigation into humanity's place in the world -- it gives us hope and tells us simply that another world is possible. I hope you listen to the mix and think about it as another kind of text -- a text that asks a simple, yet deceptively complex question: where does the 20th century end and the 21st century begin? Where do we draw the line between art and objects, art and artifacts? In the era of ubiquitous computing, the new vision of music is about omnipresence -- the music is everywhere." Other artists include: Radio Mentale/Matthew Herbert, Martyn Bates, Jean Cocteau, Sun Ra, Mikhail, Gertrude Stein, DJ Spooky vs. Rob Swift, The Master Musicians Of Joujouka, George Heard Hamilton, Raymond Scott, Alter Echo, Pamela Z, Liam Gillick, Aphex Twin, James Joyce, Erik Satie, Steve Reich, Shukar Cika-Laka, Raoul Hausmann, Augustos de Campos, Caetano Veloso, Bill Laswell, Sussan Deyhim, George Lewis/Aki Takase, Bill Laswell, René Magritte, Anthony Braxton & Evan Parker, Pauline Oliveros, Bora Yoon, Pierre Schaeffer, Daniel Bernard Roumain/Ryuichi Sakamoto, Edgard Varèse, Ryoji Ikeda, Sonic Youth, Terry Riley, Luigi Russolo, Fanfare Savale, Trilok Gurtu, Nam June Paik, Morton Subotnick, Hans Arp, Sub Swara, Kurt Schwitters, Walter Ruttmann, Otto Luening & Wladimir Ussachevsky, William S. Burroughs and Iggy Pop and Techno Animal.