Some 7,000 kilometers divide techno master craftsmen Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii, but that didn't prevent them from uniting to produce Taiyo (Japanese for "sun"), an album that is as much about the duo's shared musical vision, as the inevitable flicker of creative conflict that marks collaborations of this nature. Indeed, to Romboy and Ishii, the challenge of balancing these subtle differences lies at the core of album and where the most interesting and unexpected sonic ideas are spawned. Over seven tracks, the pair combines to craft an album of intricate next-level techno, simultaneously creative in its sound design and with enough drive to excite a dancefloor, proving distance is no barrier when two such superbly talented musical alchemists undertake such a collaboration. As electronic music talent goes, both artists enjoy stunning pedigrees and a sixth sense for production. Romboy has been active in the industry for almost 20 years, as an acclaimed producer, DJ, and label owner, first heading up prolific underground imprint Le Petit Prince throughout the '90s, before birthing Systematic Recordings, the label he owns and A&Rs today. Additionally, he's also released cuts on Ovum, Tronic, Simple, Herzblut Recordings, among others. Ken Ishii is inarguably one of Japan's most respected and innovative techno artists, while being a producer whose influence and reach extends far beyond the dancefloor. Such is his standing, that in 1998, he was chosen to produce the official theme song for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, while two years later in 2000, he was nominated for a Japanese Academy Award for his work on the soundtrack of hit Japanese movie Whiteout. Throughout his career, the artist has created music for video games, designed an exclusive 12.2 sound system that featured at the World Expo in Aichi, Japan in 2005, all the while enjoying a career in dance music stretching back 20 years to his seminal releases on R & S in the early '90s. Together the pair has created a work that represents the ying and yang of techno; West meets East; atmosphere meets groove-ridden dancefloor precision; contrasting, yet harmonious, and a pure trip for the mind and eardrums. Includes download code for bonus remixes.