Dubfire announces his debut solo album on his SCI+TEC imprint. With a career spanning over three decades, Dubfire has achieved global success as an artist with relentless drive, talent, and intuition. Pioneering commercial notoriety came initially as one half of the Grammy award (2001) winning duo Deep Dish, before embarking on a truly groundbreaking solo career in 2007. A career filled with timeless tracks include his early works "Ribcage" (2007), "Emissions" (2007), "Roadkill" (2007) and the highly acclaimed "Exit" (2014) a debut collaboration with Miss Kitten. EVOLV is a visionary trip into the mind of Dubfire to be released on his long-standing label SCI+TEC. It's concept? The journey of the "hybrid" being and its evolution, which kicks off with "Dark Matter" and "Dust & Gas" set a brooding atmosphere. The rougher percussion, and eerie lead in "Dark Matter" is accompanied by a stripped-back sound and glitchy vocals sitting in a spaced-out atmosphere in "Dust & Gas". Its deep and minimal drum work is exceptional. "Escape", a deep, dark and pulsating track that sets the tone for the body of work on the album. Coupled with "Elevation" and it's understated arp and crisp percussion for the second single. "Bottom Dweller" give you two different versions, the original is straight forward, yet effective for a late-night head down cut, where the "Meltdown Mix" takes a minimal path, and faster pace. "Swerve" sees Dubfire return to that stripped-back sound with heavy swinging percussion, a landmark and much-loved element in his music. Sonically, the journey so far has been like a dystopian landscape, but "Decent" brings a kaleidoscope of color and sound before dropping into the "CHALLNGR" duo. "CHALLNGR 1.1" is perhaps the most contemporary track on the album. Dubfire picks up the rhythm for a full-on dancefloor focused track. It's no-nonsense techno at its best, with heaps of pure energy. Two versions appear on the album, "CHALLNGR 1.2" retains the BPM but reigns in the percussion with a snappier approach and a more euphoric warped effect. As music evolves, so does Dubfire. EVOLV is a special project from this pioneering producer showing his interpretation of techno in his own unique vision. Five-LP boxset; matte with front UV spot varnish.