Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009


Since its formation in 2004, Bristol-based Multiverse has been one of the key creative studios for developing the city's flourishing culture of forward-thinking electronic music. Based around their recording studio in the heart of the city, the collective has consistently nurtured and supported electronic artists, both nationally and internationally, in the process creating a series of seminal releases that have helped shape today's current musical landscape. Through their network of labels which includes Tectonic, Kapsize, Earwax, Caravan and Build, the work of the studio has focused on exploring the uncharted spaces between genres, bridging together today's cutting edge sonic possibilities with electronic music's rich and diverse musical history. This intention has been accomplished with a strictly artist-led approach and a commitment to supporting the work of new and innovative musicians and composers. The fruits of this creative labor are reflected here in this celebratory compilation. This double CD release offers a selection of highlights from the studio's recent history. Leading the charge are both "Lion" and "Pop Pop" by Vex'd, records that formed the first bridge between classic British industrial music and dubstep, a fusion now championed by the likes of Surgeon, Distance and Milanese. This appears alongside Joker and Ginz's "Purple City," the track that spearheaded the emergence of the Purple Wow phenomenon. Also present is Pinch's "Qawwali," one of the key tracks that broke dubstep to a global audience. As expected, Pinch's influence within Multiverse extends across the compilation through his collaboration with P-Dutty on "War Dub" featured in the movie Children Of Men, and "Get Up" with Massive Attack vocalist Yolanda Quartey and Bristol legend Rob Smith. Equally, the more avant-garde work of the studio is represented through Moving Ninja, an artist who pioneered the blurring of boundaries between dubstep and sound design and Emptyset, whose eponymous debut album fused the streamlined European minimalism of Mika Vainio and Raster Noton with Bristol's unique bass-heavy production style. This groundbreaking selection of tracks sit alongside contributions by techno-dubstep pioneer 2562, half-step progenitor Loefah, Skream and October. In the process, Dark Matter creates a landmark archive of the work of one of the world's most innovative creative networks of electronic producers. Other artists include: Circuit Breaker, S.N.O., The Body Snatchers, Baobinga & I.D., and Cyrus.