EE Opus One


"After many years of going deeper into folk music traditions of the past, I finally saw the possibility of creating my own contemporary reading of the traditions I am so deeply inspired by. I was very impressed and inspired by deeper ethnic music from around the globe. Not 'understanding' it. But feeling it. Being blown away by it. Being completely speechless. Flabbergasted. Overthrown by it. Inside and out.... The initial idea behind Ensemble E was to combine traditions of contemporary music, noise, improvised music, free jazz and other experimental music fields and traditions with the deeper music traditions from where we all arrive.... Occasional instant conductions, instructional pieces and graphic scores balancing it all up into new forms of expression. New experiences. New memories. New knowledge. With old tools. Old knowledge. Sharing. Every player of Ensemble E was asked to bring in older (and contemporary) folk music songs that have affected them in some deeper ways, into the body of the Ensemble E. Sharing it. Together. Togetherness. Putting the older materials into new contexts. Bringing extreme diversity into play. This is deeper research/re-search of traditional and non-traditional ways of expressing folk music of Scandinavia, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and more. Much more. By putting them next to each other/on top of each other/inside of each other. Creating new ways. The instrumentation of Ensemble E is spectacular in my ears, eyes and soul. Avoiding traditional prejudices. This is all about how it is shared. And with whom. And WHO we are. Creating old and new dreams together with the extraordinary playing by Sylwia, Arne, Susana, Daniel, Maniucha, and Helga. Traditional acoustic instruments in direct interactions and deeper tactility of complexities, where only the acoustic colors, interferences and spectrums from each individual instrument are communicating, without filters and electronic processing. Just perfectly balanced by sound genius Mikael Werliin in the live situation. The instant interaction between each individual player and the collective urge, perspectives and needs of the music will create a new platform, new possibilities, and new perspectives...." --Mats Gustafsson