US 001CD US 001CD

United Standard is an independent fashion brand funded in Milan by designer and musician Giorgio Di Salvo. Fueled by an interest in functional minimalism and iconic detail-oriented design, the US choice of aesthetics multiply its possible connections and combinations in a multiple stream of difference. It is this same approach that often fuels Di Salvo's work as a record sleeve designer and electronic music producer, and led him to collaborate with producer Daniele Guerrini, whose efforts in the underground music world include projects Heith, Cage Suburbia, and the co-founding of Haunter Records. Curated by Guerrini and Di Salvo, Linkflow is a collective work of hybridization. All artists were involved for their capability to tap in a multiplicity of sources, engineering a sonic space that's both nowhere and now here. The aim is to push over the sum of the parts in a creative stream with ever-drifting access points. With no limits set, artists have expressed themselves even by experimenting with track duration and complexity. Kareem Lofty and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier's contributions represent the two extreme examples of this -- with JOL contributing a whole EP and Lofty a brief intro to the collection. Others like Croatian Amor, Jolene, and KhalilH20P's collaboration with vocalist SASA have channeled pop sensibilities into new geographies. Varg's solo track and his contribution with AnnaMelina through their FLORA project are both explorations of spatial romanticism. Lowki and Init State both engage themselves in synthetic epics, while members of the Haunter extended family like Petit Singe, Sense Fracture, and Trill (Guerrini's own collaboration with Nino Pedone, AKA Shapednoise), take care of the heavier edge. Housed in a DVD-sized case.