Watergate 18

WG 018CD WG 018CD

Equal parts producer extraordinaire, DJ, gentleman, and comedian, Butch has got it all. Which is why Watergate is extremely pleased to present him as next in line for the Watergate Mix Series. With 23 tracks spanning an hour and 20 minutes, Butch guides the listener through a lucid dream in a technicolor world where time ceases to exist. Reminiscent of a turn of the century Danny Tenaglia, Butch displays his prowess as not only a tastemaker, but an artist encompassing a boundless spectrum of intention and interpretation. The journey begins with the washed-out ambience of Jonas Kopp's "55 Dias" as the groove of Octex's "Liagon" slowly surfaces, establishing the foundation for the rest of the mix. Slowly but precisely, Butch moves into a lush landscape of utopian sounds with tracks like Redshape's "Goom" and Minilogue's "When Sadness Releases Joy Arises" before taking a turn to the heavier side of dancefloor pandemonium. Almost obliviously, the listener becomes locked in a hypnotic state as the sound of Truncate's remix of WestBoy's "Green Illusion" and Polar Inertia's "The Last Vehicle" lash out in proper four to the floor techno. The set would be incomplete without two cuts from Butch himself, and this is where the mix dives into the psychedelic side of club music. Both tracks, "Spirit," exclusive to the mix, and "Thai Cubensis," with his partner in crime Hohberg, are psilocybin-laced expeditions into the outer reaches of deep space. As with any psychedelic experience, it must come to an end. This is where the listener's shaman, Butch, eases back down from the journey with a plush and opulent cloud of warmth. With a compassionate touch and soothing tone, Butch gently lays down the sonic opera of Weltwirtschaft's "Maud." As an atmosphere not unlike that of a ride through the cosmos slowly fades into silence and the adventure ends, the listener is left with a feeling of complete contentment and gratification. Watergate 18 is a demonstration of a master's touch. Watergate could not be more thrilled to have had Butch as a guide. Also includes tracks by Mister Jackson/Draq (remixed by Cezar), The Horrorist (remixed by Ricardo Villalobos), Rocco, Alland Byallo, Shifted, Area Forty_One, Martini Brös., Jeff Derringer, Sigha, Vedomir (remixed by Marcel Dettmann), Sebastian Mullaert, Vincenzo Monastra (remixed by Zece), Heiko Laux (remixed by Ray Kajioka), and Kornél Kovács (remixed by Abdulla Rashim).