Since 1998, DJs and producers Ali and Basti Schwarz aka Tiefschwarz have released countless EPs and remixes, with three landmark albums, RAL9005 (2001), Eat Books (2005), and Chocolate (SOUVENIR 002CD, 2010), united by a historic vision of the musical crossroads of past and future. With Left, Tiefschwarz are able to radicalize the album-specific approach and focus more intently on combining grooves with introspection. They refrained from bringing in an outside co-producer for the album and made sure to forego the clichéd variety of guest musicians, concentrating instead on one congenial companion: Khan, with whom the Schwarzes have been close friends since the '90s. A Frankfurt native of Turkish and Finnish decent, Khan is one of the most prominent and exhilarating German techno pioneers. Since the early '90s, Khan has been looking to the future with his Bizz O.D. moniker and his demimonde project Captain Comatose, with which he blew up the club world in the 2000s, delivering his own brand of fierce theatrics, trash, and outrageous hits. He has published on Harvest, accompanied GusGus on tour, and held residencies from Mexico to New York to Berlin. Through a chance encounter in Mexico, the Schwarzes found that Khan was a perfect addition to the duo. Khan writes, sings, and instantly expresses himself as the third tastemaker while sounds meander from one machine to another and the three eat, drink, and discuss how the vision will reveal itself as a tangible artifact. Before long the result is clear. Tiefschwarz have created soulful, yearning music that goes beyond the club doors and covers the whole world in a blue satin blanket. The album highlights recurring historical moments in music as it comes of age, looking back on such moments as Marvin Gaye's unveiling of his 1971 classic "What's Going On," or Black Dog's perception-changing 1993 release of Bytes. Although Tiefschwarz have become masters of cryptic dance floor seduction, they are constantly paying homage to the Chicago house anthems, as heard on "Free Falling." Tiefschwarz invited guest musician Sven Regener (Element of Crime) to a session, and met a soulmate. With the sound of Miles Davis's echoing trumpet coming from Regener's lips on "Morgen Abend," the three produce an exit from an impending post-industrial gloom. Seduction and threat: the two eternal themes of Left. And, with this, the finished album has brought Tiefschwarz to a mellow euphoria. Features appearances from Mama and Emily Karpel.