We Play House Recordings 10 Years


We Play House Recordings is the brainchild and musical playground of veteran Belgian DJ and producer Red D. This man has been DJ'ing for as long as he himself can remember (it's actually 27 years) and has built up a cult-following in Belgium and beyond. We Play House Recordings has always aimed to be more than "just" a music label and over the years it has turned into a brand of trust for (house) music lovers. With label stages and parties at Tomorrowland, Ampere, Panorama Bar, and many more, and with a community of dedicated followers, We Play House Recordings aims to be a brand of trust and a household name in the Belgian and international music scene. Ten years is long time in any business, but in the music business it is almost an eternity. That is why We Play House Recordings is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a first ever label compilation with this triple CD release. Over the years artists like Locked Groove, FCL, San Soda, Art Of Tones, Luv Jam, Kiani & His Legion, Russ Gabriel, and countless others, have found a home on We Play House Recordings, a home where they have the freedom to release house music that does not follow trends or hypes. Both as a DJ and as a label A&R, Red D simply believes that if he likes it and it sounds special, it deserves to be heard. That is also why We Play House Recordings gives chances to so many young (Belgian) producers. We Play House Recordings 10 Years is more than just a retrospective. For Red D and We Play House Recordings, good (house) music is timeless and thus older tracks are included next to a whole bunch of new and exclusive tracks by San Soda, Locked Groove, Metrobox (presents WLC), Kiani & His Legion, Russ Gabriel, Fabrice Lig (featuring Red D and Lady Linn), and many more. It's also worth noting that many of the tracks on the compilation have never before been released digitally. Also features: Lemakuhlar, Dektro, Humandrone, Tyree Cooper, FCL, Luv Jam, Mona Lee, krewcial, DJ Longsleeve, ITW, Kate Dilemma, Maxim Lany, Raoul Lambert & Nacho Marco, Jus' Raw, Jeremy Glenn, Sean Haefeli & Mculo, Kai Alcé, Reggie Dokes, James Teej, Sebastien San, Nick Berlin, Ante Perry, Outlander, and Miclem.