ZE 013CD ZE 013CD

A compilation of Classic Covers by ZE original artists. "All the artists that record for ZE Records have made at least one cover version. It was a natural step forward to bring them together on this compilation. Coati Mundi has adapted Tropical Hot Dog Night, one of the most joyous songs ever written by Don Van Vliet for his band Captain Beefheart. Rueben Blades is present as a Latino guest star. Alan Vega pays a tribute to Gene Vincent with his version of Be Bop a Lua. Cristina revives her French roots and offers us a highly personal, Latin version of La Poupée qui fait Non produced by August Darnell from Michel Polnareff's first success. Casino Music, whose leader Gilles Riberolles parodies the French Lover on the previous track by Cristina offers an excellent cover of The Beat Goes On, written by Salvatore Bono & Cherilyn LaPiere, better known as Sonny & Cher. Their Frenchy compatriots Suicide Romeo have lent their influence to Needle in a Camel's Eye by Brian Eno, in a version that is cleverly close to the original. James White took up the challenge with a version of (Tropical) Heatwave by Irving Berlin (with Anya Phillips as the platinum blond) made popular by Marilyn Monroe in the film There's No Business Like Show Business. Lili Marlene by Marlene Dietrich is reviewed and adopted by Kid Creole & the Coconuts, sung in German by Adriana, accompanied on the piano by Stony Browder Jr., August Darnell's brother and co-founders of Dr Buzzard's Original Savannha Band. Aural Exciters, Bob Blank's After Hours Party Band offer their version of 'My Boy Lollipop', originally created by Jamaican teenager Millie Small, who brought the first N°1 in the British charts (N°2 in the USA) to a young producer called Chris Blackwell on his then new label, Island Records. 'My Boy Lollipop' is still today one of the top selling Reggae singles in the world. Lizzy Mercier Descloux gives her offbeat version of Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get it On', recorded in Rio de Janeiro during sessions for her One for the Soul album. Sweet Pea Atkinson in a duo with Caroll Hall, supported by Was (Not Was), cover Anyone who had a Heart by Burt Bacharach, originally made famous by Dionne Warwick. In 1980 LIO recorded Gillespie and Coots' You go to my Head, also interpreted famously by Billie Holiday, her version though remains fresh and visionary even. The newcomers to ZE in 2004 also rose to the challenge with pleasure. Miss OD backed by Gentleman's League pour out a very smooth version of Dindi by Jobim, originally interpreted by Astrud Gilberto and also sung magnificently by Sinatra. Bohemians Vs Cow Boys featuring Miss OD and Shuuko electrify Money, the Tamla Motown classic by Barret Strong. Finally LISI, a daughter of Cuban exiles in Miami rips into (with great class and style) Johnny Mercer and Harold Harlen's American classic 'Come Rain or Come Shine', made popular by numerous artists including Judy Garland, Sinatra and Billie Holiday. The difficulty in adapting a song lies in the capacity of breaking with its past history, its origins in order to take a hold of it, breathe a different life into it, reinvent it, even revolutionize it?injecting new emotion to a song that has already made its mark: what a challenge!! --Michel Esteban