Café Svetlana

AY 020CD AY 020CD

This is the debut full-length release by Macedonian producer and DJ Ahilea (Ahilea Durcovski), a key mastermind behind the incredible Viennese neo-electro-Balkan scene. Before you're too baffled, don't forget: Vienna is, after all, the gateway to the Balkans. Ahilea has brought together a fantastic group of musicians for a wild ride along the Autoput. So fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for a new and visionary take on Balkan music. This man is so hot that he gets daily requests for new tracks from DJs the world over. The REAL Café Svetlana is the stuff of legend -- it was frequented by the great anarchist, poet and prominent Munich bohemian Erich Mühsam. Today, tucked away in a little side-street in Vienna, it can only be found by those who are humming the right tune as they turn the right corner... and when they do, they enter a whole new world. Mühsam's description of the Café Svetlana is as follows: " is the haunt of many painters, writers and budding geniuses of every kind, as well as many foreign artists, Russians, Hungarians and Balkan Slavs; in short, the kind of people the locals call 'shlaviner.'" The sound of Café Svetlana recognizes the multi-ethnicity and culture of the Balkans. But instead of flying the nationalistic flag, this is music to be savoured with a glass of slivo, palinka, raki or tsuika, and with an open mind and respect for the musicians. Every style comes into its own here: Greek rebetiko, Turkish and Macedonian belly-dancing, Serbian and Croatian folk dances, Roma songs, Albanian-Epirotic clarinet sounds, thunderous brass and the mournful yet cliché-free lament of the fiddle. All with a touch of fresh beats & grooves, bass lines, and finely-chiselled loops from the master of the mixing deck. This is nu-pop music from the Balkans to take you from the bar to the dancefloor and all the way back home.