Dear Boy


The story of Tom Allan, whose song "Sensation" made a BBC moderator describe him as "the modern day Billy Bragg" starts off in Bury St Edmunds, a small town in the east of England. Tom grew up as the son of a German mother and a British soldier. His fifth birthday present is a drum kit. A couple of years later he takes lessons. When Tom comes home from school, he often finds piles of CD's, cassettes and vinyl records from acts like Elvis Costello, The Clash, Sex Pistols, and Stereophonics on the dinner table with a post-it from his father saying "Listen to this!". Later on Tom teaches himself to play guitar, bass, harmonica and piano. Listen closely because this boy has some stories to tell! Tom is now 25 years old and he has shared stages with the Undertones, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), TV Smith, and The Ruts. Tom is a skinny, good looking and well-dressed young man. His accent reveals his working-class heritage and not only visually, he would fit in the line-up of British guitar-bands like The Libertines or Arctic Monkeys. This is where the story of Tom Allan as a solo artist ends, but it marks the beginning of Tom Allan & The Strangest! It is one of those nights in a pub: open mic-session, having a few pints and Tom meets Evan Beltran who is causing a stir as The Strangest. Being on the same wavelength doesn't even closely describe what happens next because both of them are the perfect match. They share the same heroes from the cultural history and they have the same ambitions. The Mexican guitarist and the half British / half German songwriter decide to join forces that same night. Along with their band they play handmade rock'n'roll, following the path of Oasis, The Libertines, and The Clash. Together, they have now recorded their debut album, Dear Boy in Hamburg. Are Tom Allan & The Strangest the future of rock'n'roll? Who knows? And most of all, who cares? What is sure is that they, who dream of bringing back honest energy, melodious hook lines wrapped up with rough guitar sounds, melancholy and most of all attitude to the pop world, are highly talented young musicians and lyricists who can take the best from the recent history of music and modernize it and transport it to the present age.