Notes Over Poetry


Philippe Baden Powell (son of Brazilian musical legend, Baden Powell de Aquino) is reinventing Brazilian jazz in the lineage of his father's generation. Balancing the classical with the spiritual, the cinematic with the introspective, and sensitivity with a distinctly Brazilian groove, Notes Over Poetry calls upon the inspiration of the many musical and artistic greats Philippe has been surrounded by throughout his life. A nomadic upbringing - moving between Rio, Paris and the coincidently named German city of Baden - Baden, as well as touring internationally alongside his father and brother, provided boundless encounters with inspirational figures. Touring also gave Philippe his first taste of life in the spotlight: recorded when he was just thirteen, a sold-out show alongside his father and brother at Sala Cecília Meireles in Rio De Janeiro, would become the 1996 album Baden Powell & Filhos. Classically Brazilian in its roots, but global in its outlook, Notes Over Poetry sits as comfortably next to Tom Jobim's 1971 album Wave (LR 349LP) as it does to Robert Glasper's Black Radio (2011). "Vamos Donatear" - a track dedicated to the great Joao Donato - is hot, fluid samba-jazz in the vein of the Brazilian legend himself, while the equally groovy "Chica" hosts punchy horn arrangements reminiscent of masterpieces by Arthur Verocai and Eumir Deodato. With lyrics in English, the title track and the satin-soft "State Of Music" lean toward the cooler climate of North American hip hop and Rn'B, while "For You To Know" is a spellbinding syrup of deep-jazz, flaunting Philippe's talent for writing powerfully emotive melody and harmony. To his father, Philippe attributes key characteristics which have enriched and guided him in his professional life. With his father he also shares an innate pull towards collaboration as key to the creative process. Credit is indeed due to the musicians on the album: French jazz drummer André Ceccarelli, who has worked with Aretha Franklin and Michel Legrande; Belgian jazz vocalist David Linx; and Afro-Brazilian percussionist Ruca Rebordão. Parallel to a global revival of jazz as an art-form capable of traversing its once tired image, new generations of music lovers are rediscovering Brazilian music from the '60s onwards. Philippe Baden Powell's music perfectly reflects Brazil's huge contribution to the global jazz landscape, and with Notes Over Poetry, he presents a milestone release in his career as a torchbearer for a new wave of Brazilian artists.