1-2 Weeks
Ritratto Di Borghesia In Nero


2012 release. Digitmovies release for the first time on CD, the prolific trio Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera's original soundtrack for the dramatic movie Ritratto Di Borghesia In Nero (aka "Retrato en negro de la burguesía"). Directed in 1978 by Tonino Cervi and starring Senta Berger, Ornella Muti, Capucine, Mattia Sbragia, Paolo Bonacelli, Giuliana Calandra, Giancarlo Sbragia, Stefano Patrizi, Maria Monti, Eros Pagni, and Christian Borromeo. It is based on the novel La Maestra Di Piano by Roger Peyrefitte. Venice in summer 1938: The young Mattia Morandi (Patrizi) from Lecco arrives in the Venetian lagoon after having won a music aid grant. He becomes a friend of Renato Richter (Borromeo) and also the lover of his mother Carla (Berger), his piano teacher. The woman hopes that her son will marry the very beautiful and coddled Elena (Muti) of the very rich Mazzarini family whom she gives piano lessons. The very young girl falls in love with Mattia who requits her love and leaves her mature lover. Carla does not accept this love defeat and she does her best to revenge the betrayal and to try an impossible reconquest by sending anonymous letters, writing blackmails and even seducing Mattia's girlfriend. Also, Elena does not admit any defeat and she kills her opponent. The investigation of commissioner Franchetti (Pagni) is immediately deadlocked due to the power and respectability of the Mazzarinis. Elena and Mattia marry in a church with a sumptuous ceremony. Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi, and Vince Tempera have written a monothematic score based on a recurrent romantic and sad theme for piano and orchestra, "Carla's Theme", introduced in a modern version with rhythmics (side A of the original single) and reprised with variations. This theme gets alternated with dancefloor motifs with an ancient and popular flavor like "Immagini Sfocate" introduced and reprised, and with a fox-trot. For Digitmovies' CD presentation they have used the stereo master tape of the original single issued in 1978, as well as the session master tapes mixed in mono and partially in full stereo. An OST which deserved it to be rescued and preserved on CD.