Ghost Story


"For Sender 084, Benno Blome and Jens Bond return to remind us of that old expression, 'possession is nine-tenths of the law.' In this case, though, we're not talking about object and ownership but spirits taking over your mind, your body and your soul. The law, of course, is the command to dance, and you betray it at your peril. Rumor has it that Blome and Bond disappeared into the studio after a lost weekend not long ago. No other witnesses can confirm, but we've heard whispers of strange behavior: a door that locked behind them, flickering lights, a whiff of ozone. It's said that as their hands floated over the buttons of their sequencers, a pattern emerged all of its own accord, tapping drums and pattering congas that knocked about like the clacking of letters on an Ouija board. As the groove assembled itself out of thin air, a faraway howling ensued. Shaken, a little frantic, they began to look for the source of the sound, only to imagine that it was coming from inside the sampler itself. Ask them more and they clam up. But paranormal experts have long told stories of exactly this behavior: techno poltergeists, demonic syncopation, haunted house. The result is 'Ghost Story,' a song they swear composed itself, and we believe it: creepy bleeps and dubby clang make wraithlike melodies, while cymbals hiss with barely disguised menace. A chorus of whispers and murmurs draws you deeper and the funk takes over all your faculties. The result is a spellbinding journey into the darkness, a seductive techno succubus you'll be happy to call your master. On the B-side, 'This Way We Play' doesn't let up on the spine-tingling thrills, with a warm, enveloping bass line and an icy-high end blowing like Arctic breeze. The track is rolling and percussive, with eerie, detuned synths and pitched-down fox lurking deep in the mix, a masterpiece of blood-quickening syncopations and goosebump-inducing sonic details. Don't be afraid of things that go bump in the night."