La science des imbeciles

CC 023CD CC 023CD

Deepening the comic tones using cosmic relief, and lively vibes, La Science des Imbéciles (Ludicrous System), Brigitte Barbu's sophomore sonic adventure, manifest a blurry creation intersecting orbital audio paths and damaged smoking instruments. Could have easily been called Birdless Science but it wouldn't be funny? Reverberating estranged arrangements, bizarre sounds, electronic fantasies, "hallucinationalism", and crypto poppy stratums all party together in Barbu's second explicit sensual album. Recorded and digested during a gastro-reclusive residency in an Un-Orthodox Union Spacy Workstation, under the benign diffraction of "Californian psychedelia" and medieval Cyrillic capharnaüm. Due to historic geographical confusions and incorrect spellings, any specific detail will stay confidential. Using a powerful branded calculator, digital converters, boutique preamps, and various synthetic substitutions, this extra album is blooming for spring cleaning. The guitar was accidentally ravaged, propelling supervision into a strange but dope alt verse, still somewhere between an impromptu voyage through scattered chronology and a poetic analytical research. A cheerful memento escaping from pressure and weight like one of those fancy diets. "I wanted to compose an intangible pop LP," says Brigitte, "with guitar as an alibi, blending arrogant synthesizers and humble plug-ins." With a genuine thoughtful dimension, this record freaks as out audiences with its neat mischievous mood. Jazzing the mushing rooms while testing the acid tweaks, initially, the artist had ambiguously vague rules for composing: but slowly, offending beardless academics became the motto. Ingrédients: orgasmic pads, sublime beaches, distorted nostalgia, frustrated markets, perfect crowds, shady brews, body fluids, magnificent news, fried stars, hairy spouses, loud flirts, cosmic crumbs, healed sons, dumb technology, rare games, underground motherships, Turkish tarot, fat bits and heavy cream, fresh herbs, exotic invectives, a stuttering abacus, lamb's bread, silent farts, croissants chauds, extended outsiders, incongruous "patisseries", condescending muffs, violent eardrums, hijacked bytes, macho bakers, epic fails, Viennese bass, very large ears, hilarious gliding, what else ??