X Files


Berlin-based producers Mirko Hensel and André Staedter aka Channel X release their debut album after tons of great singles and EPs for Autist, Kassette, Opposum, Upon You and of course, Stil vor Talent. X Files is a continuous mix CD with ten new and exclusive tracks as well as some of the best tracks that they have released on Stil vor Talent in the past. Channel X have been known for their combination of well-produced, driving minimal techno and tech-house and a very soulful feel to their sound. On their first long player they stay true to both their thumping club sound, yet maintain their eloquent patterns in music production. Creating 11 tracks for the floor, this album is a classical producer album -- from the club for the club. From their groovy minimal house anthem "Against The Wall" it's straight on to the new album track "Monday." The hook line of the vocal speaks out of the heart of everybody who likes to extend their weekend until the early hours of Sunday, at least while the music is a two-steppy tech-fest like on this track. "Behind The Mirror" is a perfect showcase of the funkiness that Channel X brings to minimal tech-house: funky effects, short vocal snippets, and some melody stabs. The same customs can also be heard on "Freak Show" and "Circus Bizarre" -- two tracks that symbolize why techno in Berlin could just as well be set in the Golden Twenties: burlesque-sounding magic circus craziness, weird effects, and driving, fast melody patterns. But Channel X can also go from light-hearted tech-y sounds to deep house music. Tracks like "Ghost," a heavily-breathing piece of tech-house or "Spooky Lights," a soulful tech-fest full of effects, melody pads and of course, tons of hi-hats, snares, effects and percussions, are the perfect examples. The mix highlights "We Love The X," a vocal-induced tech-house stomper with those typical signature kick drums and an enormous sub-bass. Next to these new cuts, there are also the best of their old favorite releases like "Against The Wall," "Black Coffee" from the Bug In The Coffee EP, a Channel X remix of Niko Schwind's "Fly," "Mosquito," as well as two unreleased gems: "Ticket" and "My Dear." The cinematic beginning and ending of this mix are the intro and outro to and of a mix that communicates what Channel X stand for as a live act: intuitive and classy, mixing with the feeling for the right moment to drop the right tune. Effects, percussion, soulful grooves and bouncing minimal tech-house: this 70-minute DJ mix is a journey through the best of Channel X.