Step into a time capsule of industrial experimentation with Crematorius, an elusive music project created by the visionary Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. Recorded on a portable four-track in 1987, Crematorius captures a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the early creative explorations of one of the genre's most influential figures. This project predates even the formation of the iconic black industrial group MZ 412, offering a unique perspective on Björkk's artistic evolution. The soundscapes of Crematorius offer a glimpse into the formative years of industrial music. The tracks echo with a sense of urgency, reflecting the pioneering spirit of an artist who dared to push the envelope. Elements of distortion, manipulated samples, and unconventional rhythms intertwine to create an auditory experience that transcends time. The sonic imperfections add to the authenticity, taking you back to a time when artists sculpted sound with limited resources and limitless creativity. Urashima's vinyl reissue of Crematorius marks an unprecedented moment in industrial music history. This collection of unreleased tracks sheds light on Björkk's formative years, revealing the origins of his artistic trajectory. With resonances reminiscent of the early releases on the legendary Cold Meat Industry label, Crematorius delves into the raw and unrefined sonic experimentation that defined the genre's infancy. These tracks serve as a sonic time capsule, preserving the essence of a period when industrial music was just beginning to take shape. As you listen, you'll hear the echoes of industrial pioneers who paved the way for a genre that would later resonate across the musical landscape. The vinyl format enhances the authenticity of these recordings, inviting you to experience the textures and tones in a way that pays homage to their original creation. The remastering process by Lasse Marhaug elevates these tracks to new heights. Every nuance, every sonic fragment, is revitalized, breathing fresh life into the recordings while preserving their original spirit. The vinyl medium adds warmth and depth, allowing you to immerse yourself in the intricate layers of sound. With Crematorius, Henrik Nordvargr Björkk takes you on a journey to the genesis of his industrial exploration. These tracks are not just a glimpse into the past; they are a testament to the enduring impact of artistic innovation.