There Is Calm to Be Done

KK 081LP KK 081LP

LP version. Limited to 500 copies, pressed to 180 gram vinyl. Includes printed inner sleeves and a download code. Following 2011's The Hearts of Empty (KK 059CD), Liverpool-based band Dakota Suite, led by Chris Hooson in collaboration with David Buxton, are back with another superb album on Karaoke Kalk. While Hearts of Empty was a distinctly jazzy instrumental album, There Is Calm to Be Done takes us further down a path of left-field songwriting and alternative pop. The album was produced together with Quentin Sirjacq, with whom Dakota Suite have already worked in the past, on Valissa (2010) and The Side of Her Inexhaustible Heart (2012). The most striking thing about the Dakota Suite sound is their immense instrumentation. While most songs are driven by the piano, they are adorned with all kinds of instruments to provide an overall timbre of great majesty. The presence of brass parts, woodwind, double bass and a wide array of instruments makes for a special sound. Rhythmically, the drum parts throughout the majority of There Is Calm to Be Done are played with brushes, which takes the edge off and adds a gentleness that only the swooshing of brushes can achieve. The use of lap steel on the opening number "This Is My Way of Saying That I Am Sorry" conjures up a definite country-rock feel. While the album is mainly song-based, there are vast instrumental passages strewn throughout the record and intermingled between songs. "Flat Seat" is one such instrumental tune with a decidedly filmic character; a lilting composition both mesmerizing and intriguing. Much of the album feels as if it could be film music, and each tune conjures a vivid image in the listener's mind to which the music plays the soundtrack. Hooson's vocals are striking both for their singing-style and lyrical content. "Dronning Maud Land," for example, begins with the humorous line "I seem to have grown myself a pair of old man's hands," but the delivery is somber and melancholy. "In the Stillness of This Night" is a powerful ballad that fuses the touching vocals and lyrical style that is so prevalent on the album with an evocative arrangement. "Committing to Uncertainty" is a somewhat darker composition, with the brass and woodwind orchestration building to a powerful crescendo. "Be My Love" stands out as a prime example of singer-songwriting, as it relies solely on acoustic guitar and vocals. It is an unspeakably tender song with a highly fragile yet resolute emotional lure. The penultimate title-track on the album, true to its name, is a delightfully calm tune. The record draws to a close with the minimally-orchestrated "I Miss the Dust," a very delicate instrumental that drifts away like leaves on a breeze. Dakota Suite's music has covered such diverse genres as lo-fi, folk-rock, electronic, ambient, and taken in elements of jazz and modern classical. There Is Calm to Be Done explores the art of songwriting while also venturing beyond, into new fields, to create something new and subtle.