1-2 Weeks
The End Of Trying

KK 046CD KK 046CD

This is the first release for Liverpool's Dakota Suite on the Karaoke Kalk label. Chris Hooson is the main singer/songwriter for the trio and it is an extremely personal guitar project that deals with tragedies in Chris' life and the constant ups and downs in the success of his favorite team, FC Everton. One thing's for certain, we're not talking about happy music here. The track titles on the albums Alone With Everybody (1996), The Way I'm Sick (2002) or Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life (2007) on Glitterhouse Records already point out some of this sensitive man's feelings. Deeply sad melodies and melancholy pain are also the main emotions on The End Of Trying, but we're not talking about sadness in the form of self-pity. Hooson focuses on understated sounds like flowing piano chords and a flexible cello arrangement, while fellow members David Buxton and Colin Dunkley take turns on the piano. American cellist David Darling wonderfully accentuates Hooson's harmonic sadness with his stylish string instrument. Darling has made soundtracks for Wim Wenders and also was nominated for a Grammy Award for his album Cello Blue. Together, Dakota Suite and Darling form a striking ensemble which by no means only have depressing moments -- their music is very soothing, too. The recordings were made in various houses in Leeds and at Darling's home in Goshen, Connecticut. Chris realized a life long dream recording the album with his all-time favorite cellist. He doesn't usually find life so great. He only gets the strength to survive from collaborations like this, a healthy portion of cynicism which he otherwise channels into his lyrics, and above all, through his peaceful and sentimental sound experiences.