Bring Back The Light


LP version. "Delia Meshlir presents her new album, Bring Back The Light, which is her second release on Ba Da Bing Records. On the Swiss artist's new record, Meshlir expands her sound to skillful new levels, with woodwinds and synthesizer adding to her guitar playing. It was recorded in Switzerland's Alps, as well as at the illustrious Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Grief can open a window to the past. Nostalgia whelms, and childhood memories surface. While making Bring Back The Light, Meshlir struggled with the loss of her grandmother and the severed ties she felt with her family. The phrase 'bring back the light' served as a mantra, manifesting with a return to authenticity and a celebration of healing. For Light, Meshlir reunited with the piano, an instrument she's played since she was eight. She explains, 'It was on the piano that I learned to compose and create worlds that transcribed my emotions. I felt the need to return to what I did as a child, alone in my room.' Dissolving judgment and embracing desires, Meshlir sparked a needed light within her to create the record. Basic tracks done, Meslir expanded instrumentation; the final masters exploring a range of sounds, from '70s psychedelic rock to '80s inspired tracks heavy with sax and synth. 'I wanted different textures of the instruments and effects I used to immerse you into each and every song,' she says. 'I love when music is already saying what the lyrics are going to tell, when it brings you images, smells, memories, and feelings. I tried to do the same with my songs. Each one of them tells a story, in which you can make your own too. It's an open scene where everything can happen.' The album reflects a new maturity and confidence from Meshlir. When the arrangements were combined with a bassist, drummer, and guitarist, Meshlir says 'Everything was simple and obvious, nothing more, nothing less; it was telling the story I wanted.'"