Falling In Love With Sadness Remixes


Emika releases a remix EP of her sixth studio album Falling In Love With Sadness (EMK 004CD/LP, 2018), originally released on World Mental Health Day October 2018. The remix EP explores four sound worlds in electronic music today. Experimental bass music, hypnotic and dark techno, and electro. Pinch, a pioneer of UK bass-driven music, is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking, explorative producers to emerge from the UK dubstep scene. Solid remixes from solid underground artists. Pinch creates a seductive environment for a scene from which could have been from David Fincher's Fight Club (1999), one which threatens to overload at any given time, but retains tension until the end. Rising techno star Julia Govor is an artist doing things differently, paving her own way with her own label, receiving recognition from the global dance music scene. Julia's mix transports you into the next part of the journey, beyond conflict and tension, she gives you the chance to breathe, open up, be free and to dance. Rebekah needs no introduction, pioneering her own intense sound, she is a serious artist with some seriously heavy vibes. Rebekah's remix brings us hurtling back down to Earth at a tremendous pace, with crystal clear drums that wake up the soul and synths that energize the mind, this version is more than a dark techno track, it has the spirit of a self-confident grown woman running through it. Underground Berlin talent Headless Horseman, all though shrouded in mystery, is in high-demand worldwide to perform his unique live sets at some of the biggest clubs and festivals. Headless Horseman brings Emika's original into a beautiful new song space, re-voicing the harmony and finding completely fresh chords and backing. Emika produced original album material with cult electro icon The Exaltics. The artwork hits the mark with a message important for Emika: Equality. With three female artists and three male artists all featured on the cover, this is a way in which Emika highlights her love for collaboration and sharing of the spotlight. First edition of green vinyl; edition of 500.