Watergate 02

WG 002CD WG 002CD

This is the second Watergate mix CD installment. Situated by the river Spree, known for its first-rate line-ups of international talent and, of course, its famous wall-to-wall LED dancefloor installation, the Watergate Club in Berlin has quickly become one of the world's leading dance music clubs. Only five years after its official opening, the club now goes a step further and releases a mix CD series delivering only the finest DJ mixes by some of club's most exiting residents and guests. With the focus being put not only on the music but also on the packaging and design, this series will quickly become a truly sought-after collector's item and will surely stand out in the flood of mediocre music and mixes that often dilute the market. Sascha Funke is an honest-to-goodness Berliner, and he has played a significant role in molding and forming the Berlin techno scene since the mid-'90s. Now, after various stops along the way, he has found his home and a residency at Watergate. Sascha delivers a mix that is second to none in its musical diversity. At the same time, his personality shines throughout the entire project and reflects his self-perception as a DJ. In addition to current tracks and remixes, the mix is interlaced with carefully-chosen jewels and rarities from years past. The mix was recorded at the Watergate Club on a warm August night, using records of various ages. Any and all cracklings and sounds from the needle touching down come from the use of vinyl records, and are deliberate and desired -- an integral part of the sound of an authentic DJ mix. Including artists such as Nathan Fake, Four Tet, Ellen Allien, Miss Kittin, Maus & Stolle, Zander VT, Minilogue & KAB, Wighnomy Brothers, Dave Aju, Sten, Modal, The Mole, Sascha Funke, Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher, DJ Koze, Closer Musik, Patrice Scott, Milch, and Acid Jesus.