A New Kind Of Sky


LP version. London-based folk-psych-country band The Hanging Stars return with their eclectic third studio album, A New Kind Of Sky. Carrying on their exploration of transatlantic psychedelic folk and cosmic country, the new album blends twelve-string, harmony-laden lullabies with soft rock anthems to create a gilded box of bucolic folk-rock. As well as the band's signature wistful pastoral escapism, there are lyrical concerns about the recent past; the systematic division of people, values, facts and humanity in The West in general -- and the UK in particular. The band weave the same thread they have always woven but this time with a more unified vision, creating a kaleidoscopic poncho for these times. The Hanging Stars comprise songwriter, singer and guitarist Richard Olson, Sam Ferman on bass, Paulie Cobra on drums, Patrick Ralla on guitars, keys and vocals, and renowned pedal steel player Joe Harvey-Whyte. Returning guest Collin Hegna from Brian Jonestown Massacre plays an instrument called a Marxophone on "Choir of Criers". They also welcome Sean Read of The Rockingbirds and Dexy's Midnight Runners, who adds horns to "Three Rolling Hills" and "I Was A Stone". The bulk of the recording was done live in the studio at Echozoo in Eastbourne with Dave Lynch. For the first time, the band decided to dive straight in to the recording studio following their German tour in 2018. Having lived in each other's pockets and played their new songs every night, the band were as tight and primed as they could possibly be. There ensued a few, very long days of recording, capturing the essence of the band in their element. The songwriting process was even more collaborative for this album, enhanced by Harvey-White's arrangements and Cobra's harmonies. The biggest difference is that Ferman sings lead on the first single "'(I've Seen) The Summer in Her Eyes", a song about lost love and self-doubt channeled through two-and-a-half minutes of garage pastoralism. The Hanging Stars' debut album Over The Silvery Lake (CRO 003CD, 2016) received plaudits from broadsheets such as The Times and The Guardian. Their second album Songs For Somewhere Else (CRO 005CD, 2017) received critical acclaim from the likes of Uncut and Shindig.