Alpha Centauri

AX 049EP AX 049EP

"In the early years, our age of space exploration, the risks often ran higher than our minds can have fathomed. This noble story begins in the year 1965, an age of wonder. While the world struggles with the indifferences of race, ideology and territory, a team of the world's leading scientists, doctors and engineers of space travel; all experts in their fields and highly competent, ignited the most advanced spacecraft ever designed, the Jupiter. The mission: to reach the uncharted and highly speculative domain 4.35 light years away from the sun. There, resides a triple star system. The two brightest components being Alpha Centauri A (02) and B (Kl). The third and significantly smaller star Alpha Centauri C or otherwise known as 'Proxima' (M5), comprise our greatest chance to find intelligent life. But, 'all laid plans of mice and men often go astray.' Precisely 42:00:01 hours after take-off, mission control detected a rare occurrence. It was believed to be a minor malfunction or calculation in the overall weight and cargo of the spacecraft. This slight, but crucial difference caused the on-board computer to miscalculate the precise location and entrance of the spacecraft through the Piron Nebula, narrow openings in the outer edges of Cyril, the largest black hole ever found. As mission control analysts struggle to find an answer to solve this problem before the routine communication black out between Jupiter and mission control, weather patterns here on earth hindered the situation to the point of complete detachment. At 45:15 :02, our most talented and brightest hope for a new dawn vanished in the depths of outer space. Without a signal or clue, the Jupiter spacecraft disappears amongst the stars. In swift reactions of all participating international space agencies, numerous recovery missions were launched from every space part of our globe, but as of yet, no distress signals have been received. We can only hope that our team of the Jupiter spacecraft have the will and strength to survive this great ordeal and our prayers go out to all their families and loved ones. Until then, we wait... Axis Records proudly presents Alpha Centauri, conceived and produced by Jeff Mills."