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Animalia is the debut album from a new musical collaboration between Fetisch (Terranova), Shapemod (Terranova) and Mack Goudy Jr. (aka Paris The Black Fu from the Detroit Grand Pubahs) -- an electronic "supergroup," if you will. Trading on the trio's collective electronic influences, Animalia connects the dots between electro, punk funk, disco, indie-rock and p-funk and superbly showcases what the trio have already been doing live in clubs over the last 12 months -- kicking it on the dance floor. With a trio of singles already under their belts in the shape of "Blazer," "Heroine" and the album opening "Starwhores," The Lotterboys' unique sound is already gracing DJ sets all over the world with Mack Goudy Jr.'s unmistakable wigged-out vocals riding Fetisch and Shapemod's driving basslines like a Funkadelic space party. The Lotterboys project started when Fetisch was messing around with the Detroit Grand Pubahs' "Big Onion" a cappella over some Pink Floyd music for a mix he was working on for DJ Hell's Gigolo Records. After enjoining the idea of adding a singer, the trio got together, instantly clicked, and within a blink of an eye had made two tracks and sent them to Eskimo. Fuelled by Eskimo's instant enthusiasm, they decided to use the name "Lotterboys" (Terranova's bootleg name whose origins refer to a gang of swing kids who opposed the Nazi regime in Germany with fashion and swing music -- as well as being the first people to use two grammophones at their parties). "Paris spaced out p-funk like vocals over krautstyle party rock was the goal," confirms Fetisch. Add these musical misfits together and you get the punk p-funk rockin' outfit that is the Lotterboys. From the trumpet-fuelled rock of "Blazer" and the vocoder work out of Black Sabbath cover "Iron Man," to the slick Prince-style funk of "Cadillac and Mac" and the sheer ultra-boogieness of "Get Down Syndrome," the Lotterboys are beamed down fresh from planet Funk to run riot on the dancefloor.