3-4 Weeks
Balance Presents The Soundgarden


Double LP version. Includes download card. In the space of just a few years since its inception, Nick Warren and his partner Petra's globetrotting concept The Soundgarden has grown to encompass a label, compilations, parties around the world, and a global radio show. From being one of the early defining pillars for progressive house in the mid-90s through to his beautiful work as one half of Way Out West, Warren is an electronic music mainstay. Bringing two discs of exclusive music, Warren explains: "On this album, I wanted to showcase some of my current favorite artists and reflect the more eclectic sound of The Soundgarden. I feel the secret with compilations is to try and choose music which has almost a timeless feel to it." On Rigooni's "Dreamed Numbers" gets the mix off to an early chug with its delicate plucked melodies and rolling groove, leading into the graceful strings of Bigasti & Balad's "With You". Aspen recalls Airdrawndagger-era Sasha as the mix find its feet unhurriedly. An exclusive Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada original "Balance" yields shimmering atmospheric touches and slivers of plucked guitar, with more musicality displayed through the melancholic piano chords of Draper's "Crystal Voyager". The mix continues to twist-and-turn through Emi Galvan's soaring "Embrace" and the arpeggiated groove of Baunder's "38 & 46" and Yoni Yarchi & Daniel Van Der Zwaag's "From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam" brings the mix to a blissed-out climax. The slo-mo graceful, slinky chug of Six's "Berlin" helps to get disc two going in more mellow tempo, with the chord stabs of Black 8's "Black Tiger" giving an almost Detroit feel to this early hypnotic section. The tempo builds as the haunting vocal of Dmitry Molosh's "Note" glides over percolating percussion. Another shimmering Nick Warren & Black 8 production "Dreamcatcher" arrives to give a contrast to the deep, introspective atmospheres that precede it. The languid funk of Eli Nissan's "Restricted Delusions" pushes the listener into a deeper state, before Audio Junkies & Hernan Cattaneo's remix of Stillhead's "Neu Kobenhaven" cuts through in stark fashion with its crystalline chime motif. Oliver & Tom's "Luly" makes for a perfect closer, its sweet xylophone and piano sounds making for a sublime moment.

Also features Aārp, Synkro & Arovane, Scippo, Kamilo Sanclemente, Ewan Rill & K Loveski, Ben Archbold, Nico Szabo, Lerr, Armen Miran, Nichols, and No-No & Nobilis.