1-2 Weeks
Il Pelo Nel Mondo

BCM 9587CD BCM 9587CD

Beat Records presents for the first time on CD the complete edition of the soundtrack by Nino Oliviero and Bruno Nicolai from Il Pelo Nel Mondo (aka "Go, Go, Go World!"), a documentary directed in 1964 by Renato Marvi and Antonio Margheriti. A report on the most extreme customs in the most diverse corners of the world, the various episodes include -- in addition to some strip-teases -- visions of half-naked savages, documentation on the beheading of roosters, the slaughter of wild boars, the milking of Swiss cows, the sale of Chinese children in Hong Kong, prostitution and even some religious processions. This film is part of the famous trend of the "mondo movie". At the time, C.A.M. issued a 33rpm with 22 selections in mono; the same material was reissued in America by the Musicor Records label. For this release, Beat Records were able to use the master tapes of the mono recording session, which allowed us to discover 19 unreleased tracks. Throughout the 41 tracks, the listener will be immersed in fascinating sound dimensions that describe musically all the visual stimuli in the documentary.) This premiere "mondo" CD pays homage with great affection to the musical art of two titanic Italian musicians, the Maestros Nino Oliviero and Bruno Nicolai, and will certainly be welcome in every collection dedicated to high quality film music. This beautiful soundtrack will guide you around the world with almost seventy minutes of great, timeless music. Available packaged in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet designed by Daniele De Gemini with mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano.