Grossstadtmarchen 2 - Part 1


The first part of his big-city tale entitled Großstadtmärchen acted like a catapult for Berlin-based techno/house DJ/producer Oliver Koletzki in 2009, pushing him from the DJ booth into the limelight of electronic pop music. Now, three years later, he releases a sequel in the form of Großstadtmärchen 2. In addition, Stil Vor Talent is presenting this jam-packed double vinyl remix package of some of the album's many highlights. Things kick off with the epic "The Devil In Me," a pop anthem featuring the beautiful voice of Berlin wonderboy Jan Blomqvist. The original song features Oliver's distinctive piano and synthesizer melodies, as well as a strong guitar sample, over which Blomqvist sings in his unique style. Niconé & Sascha Braemer take the track to the dancefloor by creating a slowly pulsating tech-house remix that builds upon the groovy guitar sample. Format:B then go out of their comfort zone and use the original vocal from the chorus to design a melodic and organic peak-time house affair that simply keeps on moving and moving. Next up is "You See Red," a pop song of international appeal that introduces the British singer Dear Prudence. Swiss head house honcho Kellerkind constructs a slick, deep house cut of the original that is very much emblematic of the new wave of pure and raw house music of today. Berlin techno kids Channel X then make the original vocals central to their rework, thus constructing a tech-house version that possesses all the groove needed to get bodies heated on the floor. On the second vinyl, "Still" gets its remix treatment. While the original is a high-energy pop affair, featuring the characteristic voice of Fran, Niko Schwind mainly utilizes its melodies while pitching the vocals down for a masculine effect. This works very well for his laid-back house groove. Then, Stil Vor Talent youngster Björn Störig takes Fran's original work and assembles a jacking house cut around it. In contrast, Tobi Kramer aims for the peak-time by producing a fast-paced techno piece. Last up, are three more of Oliver's original songs from the album. "Let Me Go Down" is a piece of smooth disco-funk that features the goosebump-inducing soul voice of MC Ramon, while "Boy Got Soul" shows Oliver's love for early hip-hop of the G-Funk-era. "I Miss My Friends" is an instrumental piece of melancholic electronica about the lonesomeness of the DJ on the road. Luckily for Oliver, and for the rest of us, he managed to get all his friends involved in his latest offering, which is as diverse and eclectic as it gets.