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Bureau B presents a new studio album from legendary German medieval prog-rock outfit Ougenweide. While countless Ougenweide epigones have sprung up out of the ground like mushrooms over the past decade, the originals took the same length of time to prepare their new work, entitled Herzsprung, a spectacular fusion of medieval lyricism and sounds of yore with folk and rock in their early form: and it all sound marvelous! The Hamburg formation, who originated in 1970, can look back proudly on 40 years of creativity, choosing this particular anniversary to gift themselves and their many fans, old and new. Positively overflowing with ideas, the music draws on the riches of several centuries and a variety of different European countries, played on unusual instruments by absolute masters of the craft. Alongside the more conventional instruments to be heard on Herzsprung are the rather less familiar Triton horn, kinsho koto, dutar, clavioline, monochord, launeddas, fiddle, nyckelharpa and Waldoline. On "Ein Leis Und Traurig Lied" (words by Maria Stuart, it is believed) one can even savor the aural delights of some of the fantastic musical instruments and sculptures of the French Baschet brothers, now collected in Hamburg's Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe. The idea for this CD came about some ten years ago. Inspired by texts covering several centuries and various European countries, founding member Frank Wulff embarked on new compositions. Distracted and detained by other theatrical, cinematic and band commitments, there was little time available to work on the project together. Thus it took a whole decade for this fascinating acoustic spectrum to see the light of day.