Back To Back Vol. Six


The sixth edition of the successful Back To Back compilation series from Anja Schneider's Berlin club label Mobilee is solely ruled by Pan-Pot this time around. The beefy package includes two CDs plus a DVD. Pan-Pot handpicks their favorite 2011 Mobilee releases on the first CD while a condensed version of their own creations can be found in an arousing master mix on the second CD. And for the first time ever, the personalities behind the music can be seen and heard in a bonus DVD tour document. This release provides a visual and audible insight into their creative work in the most compact form possible. MTV director Sebastian Radlmeier follows the duo on a 12-month tour through Europe's most crucial clubs and festivals, inviting viewers behind the scenes through a magical experience. The DVD experience introduces Thomas Benedix, the quirky jokester from Brandenberg and his counterpart, the more aloof and rational Tassilo Ippenberger from Bavaria. Diligently selected snapshots depict stories from the guys' innocent years in Templin and Chiemsee to their first rendezvous with Mobilee founders Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann. Photos and footage are worked in congenially with original music and commentary from key scene figures from the likes of MTV's Markus Kavka, producer Dubfire, fellow Mobilee artist, Sebo K and Mobilee booker, Diego Moreno Gibbs, binding everything together. In the material, the guys give commentary from tour cities such as San Francisco, Detroit, Warsaw, Barcelona, and Buenos Aires, yet never lose sight of their home base, family and friends in Berlin. The absolute highlight of the film is the live appearance with Sven Väth in Ibiza. Snippets of Pan-Pot's music can be heard on the DVD but on the second CD, it's fired from all barrels. A melody of past releases is taken apart and re-imagined through exclusive tracks, loops and sound splinters, creating a compelling music piece. Three further rare pieces such as the fascinating remix from Slam's techno classic "Lifetimes" successfully complete the flip side. The first CD celebrates the "Best Of Mobilee 2011." The signature of unique personality-filled producers is noticeable in each of the 11 club tracks, featuring artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Anja Schneider, Martin Landsky, Rodiguez Jr., Miss Jools, Hector and And.Id. Back To Back Vol. Six draws a spot-on portrait of Pan-Pot situated in their environment. DVD is PAL format, region free, German language with English subtitles.