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Panzerpappa is maybe new to many Rune Grammofon followers, but they released their debut album Passer Gullfisk back in 2000. Since then, they have released the albums Hulemysteriet (2002), Farlig Vandring (2004) and Koralrevens Klagesang (2006) by themselves. Already on their fine debut we hear a fully-formed and very accomplished band, but this line-up delivers stronger tunes, more focused ideas and better production. The history of Panzerpappa goes back to 1996 when founder Trond Gjellum recorded some demos in the vein of groups like Samla Mammas Manna and Univers Zero. Through various projects, he connected with Steinar Børve before getting the band up and running in early 1998 with Knut Tore Abrahamsen and Jørgen Skjulstad complementing the line-up that would release the two first Panzerpappa albums. After this, both Abrahamsen and Skjulstad left the band, but top replacements were soon found in Jarle Storløkken and Anders Krabberød, both of whom Gjellum met through playing in Richard Sinclair's (Caravan, Camel) backing-band in 2002. Jarle is the cousin of Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Humcrush) and his musical background includes Dead Dino Storage, a band known for doing quite excellent cover versions of artists such as Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and Gentle Giant. Anders is a Van der Graaf Generator fan but also mentions modernist composers such as Iannis Xenakis and Brian Ferneyhough as sources of inspiration. Musically, the band belongs to a tradition that includes elements from the so-called Canterbury and RiO scenes and bands like Samla Mammas Manna, Univers Zero, National Health and Frank Zappa. Chris Cutler from Henry Cow, another band they regard highly, has more precisely described them as "melodic, with a light but solid ensemble sound, rich, detailed, nuanced and with a style that is still their own." Among the guests on Astromalist is Ketil Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist), Michel Berckmans (Univers Zero, Art Zoyd) and Hans-Petter Alfredsen. Steinar Børve (saxophone, keyboards, percussion), Trond Gjellum (drums, percussion), Anders K. Krabberød (bass guitar, percussion) and Jarle Storløkken (electric and acoustic guitars, percussion).