Tohu Bohu (Recycled Color Vinyl & Sleeve)

IF 1020-10Y0 IF 1020-10Y0

Double LP, recycled color vinyl and recycled sleeve; includes two sticker sheets with the artworks of each track of the album. Tohu Bohu (released in 2012) has become Rone's most cult album, with tracks like "Bye Bye Macadam" or "Parade." InFiné decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the album with an anniversary edition in recycled vinyl (random color), recycled sleeve, and two sticker sheets with the artworks of each track of the album. It has been a decade since electronic producer and musician Erwan Castex, known by the pseudonym Rone, released his groundbreaking and breakout second album Tohu Bohu in 2012. Created in a three-month period soon after moving from Paris to Berlin, Tohu Bohu is more a contemplative, reflective record than it is an observation of his newfound present environment. The result is a truly transcendent, transportive album that has for ten years occupied a space in the electronic music landscape that is wholly its own. Tohu Bohu was met with a steady landslide of critical acclaim, and hailed by The Creator's Project as "a beautiful musical artifact from an increasingly powerful musical archaeologist," and "grand in scale, yet delicately intimate" by Interview Magazine. The tenth anniversary of the album will be celebrated with a special edition vinyl reissue on InFiné, made with fully recycled materials. In the words of Death + Taxes Magazine in 2012, "Rone is one of the shining lights of electronic music in a decade of micro-genres and artists that burst brilliantly then fade into internet obscurity," and the decade following the release of Tohu Bohu is conclusive proof of that. Features High Priest of Antipop Consortium and Gaspar Claus.