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After the release of their debut album Worldstyle (2012) the Budapest duo Savages Y Suefo are now returning with their second album Brotherhood; this time their message is more serious. The music summons blues elements but is also influenced by dub, funk and a little hip-hop while the lyrics are mainly about the social and personal problems of our time interpreted by talented guest vocalists from all over the world. The guest performance of KRSA puts the point on the letter "i" in "Brotherhood" and in the other reggae-inspired song "Pass It On". Being one of the dominant figures of the Hungarian ska movement he is an important guest on the album. As the main driving force behind Freak Power, Ashley Slater needs no introduction. He has worked with Dub Pistols, Dublex Inc, and Fort Knox Five, and his talents and professional performances turbocharged three songs. Denise M'Baye, the MC/singer of Mo'Horizons is featured in two down-tempo tracks. "Wings" is a laidback song about love while and "All My Life Is In This Bag" smuggles back a little bit of the mood of Worldstyle. Fedora is the best-known female MC/singer of the Hungarian bass music life. With "Come Away With Me" she proves that she's not only an bass music MC, but a great singer with deep emotions. Another guest from Hungary is the lead singer of the down-tempo funk band Mystical Plants. Bryant Goodman contributes to the album in two different tracks with his gravelly voice. "Bad Man's Ballad" is a bittersweet song about the average politician of our age while "Keep Going On" on the other hand is full of playfulness and delivers a short but positive message. Last but not least is the Ghanaian M3NSA on the board from Fokn Bois and RedRed. His lyrics in "It Works" are very motivating for everyone and spread the message of not giving up even if the world is seemingly against you. Savages Y Suefo's new album Brotherhood is a lot different from their previous one in many ways but it remained just as eclectic as its predecessor Worldstyle and still proves Savages Y Suefo's wide interest and openness in music that is needed today.