Haul & Pull Up


Hybrid club music for big soundsystems -- that's the essence of Schlachthofbronx. On their fourth studio album Haul & Pull Up, the DJ and producer duo from Munich demonstrate how versatile a sound can be that is nonetheless deeply rooted in soundsystem culture and their various local offsprings. With the album name inspired by the seminal 1984 "Haul And Pull Up" tune by Neville Brown, Jakob and Benedikt pay their respects to the originators, all the while clearly formulating a futuristic sound of their own. Schlachthofbronx effortlessly float through conventional style classifications and tempi in their tracks. In the same spirit, they take their vocal contributors and embed them into a genre they might not be associated with. Dancehall artist Warrior Queen delivers high-energy clash lyrics on the 808 hip hop drum workout "Killer" to a quite stunning effect. Riko Dan, the grime MC of Roll Deep fame, finds himself spitting his "Copper And Lead" lyrics on a dancehall riddim from outer space while San Diego rapper Gonjasufi sings and screams his "Goodbye" on a beat that is reminiscent of drone metal -- if it wasn't for that acid line. And even though this album is 100% club and soundsystem ready, this record goes way beyond that context. The dance imperatives from tunes like "Pump Drop Wine" with its disgustingly good sounding bassline, or from "U Mad" and its high-fueled footwork-meets-arpeggio madness. All that gets easily balanced by versatile productions like the dubby "Blurred Vision" or the floating "Take It Low" with Doubla J from Costa Rica on vocals. Some songs even have the potential to work as leftfield pop songs as well: On "Bitch Better Have My Money", the guys have Miami's Otto Von Schirach indulge in their joint passion for all things booty bass, resulting in a catchy (yet obviously X-rated) song. But maybe the highlight in this regard is "Electone", an instrumental beauty of a song on which Jakob and Benedikt combine multiple layers of melodies with a propulsive beat, evoking feelings of melancholy, happiness, and wanderlust, until collapsing in a sweet conversation of steeldrum-not-steeldrums with the eponymous Electone organ from Yamaha. The Haul & Pull Up album marks the final release in the Haul & Pull Up series, which contained three EPs leading up to the album: EP 1 (RAR 001EP, 2016), EP 2 (RAR 002EP, 2017), and EP 3 (RAR 003EP, 2017).