1-2 Weeks
Bucovina Club Vol. 2

AY 006CD AY 006CD

The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed debut album Bucovina Club. This dynamite collection curated by the renowned German DJ/producer Shantel (Stefan Hantel) sees him forsaking his old trip-hop stylings for the manic music of the Balkans. Serving as a sort of imaginary soundtrack to Frankfurt's amazing, vodka-fueled, gypsy-rave all-nighter club, the now-defunct Bucovina, Shantel's eclectic mix of clubsounds, future funk, Roma ballads, Balkan brass and freestyle electronica are now legendary across the dancefloors of Europe. Digital teams up with analog, beat embraces melody, tango goes lyrical -- and it ain't over til the samovar sings. Shantel's former life as a producer of downtempo and electronica has taught him to fly in the face of convention by treating local Eastern European and Balkan music in the same way as hiphop and all kinds of club music, making them just as much an integral part of today's youth and pop culture. There's nothing clichéd about this new wave of music -- and not a bobble-hatted world music purist in sight. On Bucovina Club Vol. 2, five of the fifteen tracks are exclusive original recordings and five are exclusive mixes. Shantel's own tracks feature stars of the gypsy and Balkan music scene: Boban Markoviç and his son Marko, Jony Iliev, Vesna Petkovic, and the all-star line-up Bucovina Club Orkestar. The exclusive remixes feature Mahala Raï Banda, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Sandy Lopic Orkestar and French-Romanian actress Rona Hartner (of Tony Gatlif's movie Gadjo Dilo). The other tracks present a host of famous artists and some newcomers such as: Dr. Nelle Karajlic, Balkan Beat Box, Slonovski Bal and Goran Bregovic. Bucovina Club Vol. 2 is pure naked euphoria, placing a direct and visceral punch that really gets people moving. The parties take up where the ecstatic raves of the house and techno generation left off.