Raw Essentials Part 2


"Longevity is something we talk about a lot in dance music nowadays. But timelessness, however frequently mentioned, is in fact a rare and sadly lacking ingredient in much of today's music. Well, you can thank Steve Bug and the Poker Flat crew that this isn't the case here, as we present the second unavoidable installment in the Raw Essentials feature, reviving some classic moments from the Raw Elements catalog. Reborn for another chance to rock it, Russ Gabriel's intense tweaked-out remix of Steve Bug's 'Honeymoon' finds the coveted position of A1. British-born Gabriel produced some of the finest moments of the late '90s, and this technoid groover still stands out above many as a bold and futuristic statement about the pure electronic soul that this music thrives off. Just what is it about a combination of sounds or rhythms that has the ability to hook us in so gracefully and so completely? The answer is of course not in words. Enigmatic producer and remixer extraordinaire, Les Rythmes Digitales aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka the Thin White Duke, aka the UK's Stuart Price takes on another Steve Bug cut, first featured on Raw Elements 620 in 1997. Price's unique sonic craftsmanship is proudly on show here and he works the funked-up guitar riffs and jagged bass of the original into a nervous electro stepping groove revolving around Bug's freaky vocal memento. Not dissimilar to the work of Orbital or other cross-genre electronica artists of the day, this track hasn't lost any of its heart or fond disobedience, even by today's standards! And so we come to the B-side, and it only seems fitting that another seminal Vincenzo track is brought out from the depths for the chance to shine again. 'At Throb,' originally the lead cut from his debut solo EP on Raw Elements, is a masterful lesson in percussion and musicality. Not quite so stripped as previous reincarnations, this track builds from a lone groove into a spectacularly-spaced embracing moment."