Let Your X's Be Y's


"A wild debut album of baile-bass/punk-funk/new wave from Brazil/London-based group Tetine (includes limited edition bonus track CSS remix on CD). While Tetine may appear to be the most recent addition to the growing Brazilian post-punk/baile funk scene that includes the groups CSS and Bonde do Role, the group have actually been in existence the longest, and have an infamy in the Sao Paulo scene that they helped create. Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado formed the group, Tetine, in Sao Paulo in 1995. The pair now spend their time between London and their hometown and while Let Your X's Be Y's is their first album to be released in the UK, it is in fact their eighth release in Brazil. A wild mix-up of punk-funk/new wave/post-punk/baile-bass, Tetine's music is a mixture of raw punky energy and attitude mixed with bass-heavy dance music. Tetine have carved an unusual musical path between music, art, video and performance and their infamous live events range from rock gigs to gallery installations; from opening last year's 'Tropicalia - A Revolution in Brazilian Culture' festival at the Barbican Centre in London to numerous performances for galleries, art spaces and festivals from Paris (Palais de Tokyo), to Chicago (The Wire's Adventures in Modern Music Festival) and Sonar in Spain. As celebrated producers and DJs from the U.S. and UK such as Diplo and Sinden are bringing this new punk/funk/bass/dance music from Brazil to a new audience, Tetine -- who have played alongside everyone from Dizzie Rascal to Deize Tigrona -- have a serious set of artists as fans from around the world; 'Tetine are feminists, un-followers and inventors of their own scene; an uncut diamond. If art is really dead, then Tetine belong to a "nameless" genre -- the makers of something wild, something alive.' --Chicks On Speed. Aside from their own music, Tetine have also been instrumental in bringing the Brazilian underground music scene to the attention of the UK for a number of years. They compiled and presented the first ever album of baile funk outside of Brazil (Funk Carioca, 2005) as well as an essential primer to early '80s post-punk from Sao Paulo (Sexual Life of The Savages, released on Soul Jazz Records in 2007). Both these albums have influenced a new generation of DJs and beat-makers in the UK and U.S. Let Your X's Be Y's includes their two previous singles on Soul Jazz Records, A Historia da Garca and their most recent I Go To The Doctor. This album also comes with a limited edition bonus track -- the CSS remix of 'I Go To The Doctor.'"