3-4 Weeks
Taken From Vinyl


Taken From Vinyl is comprised of 12 rare, vinyl-only tracks taken from To Rococo Rot's out-of-print releases on Fat Cat, Sub Pop, Domino and City Slang, plus the video for "Telema" directed by Sebastian Kutscher. Maybe it was just a coincidence that the first artistic statement from To Rococo Rot in 1995 had been a sound installation, in which record players were driven by power drills. The dubplates specially produced for this occasion were played both ways. A short time later, their first album was released by Kitty-Yo as a picture disc. Like many others, To Rococo Rot have approved of and used all kinds of existing sound storage media. As their music is addressed to everyone everywhere, it requires many different formats to transport the music to the diverse places and to make it audible there. For example, in the '90s, they produced tape editions of their albums for the Eastern European countries. Some of the tracks you will hear on this CD are taken from 12" EPs, which had been produced for experimental and ambient-oriented clubs (many of which have since ceased to exist, and the remaining clubs no longer possess the vibrancy they had in the '90s). Also, the role of the single as the "herald" announcing an album has substantially changed. This compilation CD is an assortment of out-of-print-tracks, which hitherto had been available only in vinyl format. Mostly, they are exclusive, one-off contributions to compilations and commissioned by labels such as Fat Cat, Sub Pop, Domino or City Slang. During the last years, the number of requests for this material has steadily increased, which led to the decision to make some of those tracks available again. The majority of the tracks on this CD have been remastered from vinyl in order to retain a few traces of the original's sound, where possible. This is a view of the last eleven years during which To Rococo Rot played together. It provides the opportunity to re-visit things said a long time ago, to listen to them in the present and to see, what it is that this music -- which creates itself within the moment -- rears itself on today. So please feel free to draw no line between the past and the future, between the music that has been made and the music that is to be. All is constantly moving.