A Creak Retimed


A Creak Retimed is a collection of tape reworks of Howlround's original soundtrack from A Creak In Time, directed by Steven McInerney, featuring adaptations and reconstructions by Tom White, Merkaba Macabre, Dan Hayhurst, Ian Helliwell, and Howlround. The film component has been reworked from 16mm film reels that did not make the final cut, resulting in a zero-waste film project. Ian Helliwell is a self-taught multi-media artist, working in music, film, animation, analog electronics, instrument building, collage, installations, live performance, light show projection, writing, and film programming. He has made over 100 experimental films -- one of the largest bodies of shorts in the world to feature electronic music soundtracks by one artist. Howlround is comprised of Robin The Fog, a London-based sound artist and radio producer. He creates unique, immersive compositions and performances by directly manipulating natural acoustic sounds on a quartet of vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with all additional effects and artificial reverb strictly forbidden. For this soundtrack, he has created his most ambitious work yet, made entirely from tiny and insignificant sounds, that, when amplified and extended via magnetically charged oxide particles of the tape, take on a dramatic new identity. Tom White is a London-based artist. His multidisciplinary practice spreads across sound, moving image, installation, and live performance. He won the British Composer Award in 2014 (Sonic Art) for Public Address, commissioned by South London Gallery. He curates Apologies in Advance; a platform for artist's work in progress performances founded in 2016. Dan Hayhurst is an electronic producer, molecularly 50% of A/V duo Sculpture. The chaotic physicality of Hayhurst's sonics are the result of unstable permutations of tape loops, no-fi electronics, and digital sequences played with a battered reel-to-reel tape recorder, computer, walkman, sampler, and FX units. Merkaba Macabre is a multimedia project by Steven McInerney, an Australian born artist based in London. His practice ranges from audiovisual and musical performance, installation, experimental film and video works, and curatorial activities. McInerney runs Psyché Tropes, a label dedicated to exploring the synaesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterparts. 180 gram, toxic yellow vinyl; Edition of 275.