A Night At the Wine Cellar

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"A rare and highly listenable compilation about which, in that time-honoured Radioactive tradition, almost nothing is known. Recorded at The Garardelli Wine Cellar in San Francisco in 1978, the album, which appears on the appropriately-named Cabernet Recordings label features 12 different artists and duos strutting their musical stuff. The vibe is country/folk/blues and the array of acoustic instruments deployed here with such competence brings a down-home warmth and richness to the sound of this beautifully-recorded album that only acoustic instruments can. From the Country Joe sound of Billy Roberts and his acoustic guitar, to Tim Dawe's musings on his chances of achieving chart success, Live At The Wine Cellar delivers the goods unerringly. Dawe is undoubtedly the big name here, and as befits his top-of-the-bill status, is encouraged to delight the audience twice with vocalist and collaborator Patricia Pickens and on one further occasion with his previously-mentioned solo excursion. Sandwiched in between are a selection of musical cameos, including a classical guitar piece from Leo Collignon, a wry homage to FM radio courtesy of John Palme, some lovely guitar picking from Jim Nels and a display of harmonica virtuosity from Billy Roberts. Canadian folk singer Skip Henderson delivers a thoughtful rendering of the traditional folk song, 'The Water Is Wide' and singer Dev Singh moistens the eye with a heartfelt version of 'Amazing Grace.' And then we're back to Tim Dawe, whose '144 Boogies' (yes, he does actually manage to sing the word 'boogie' 144 times) closes the proceedings."