Background 50

BG 050CD BG 050CD

Background proudly presents a 50th anniversary release with an exclusive label compilation bursting with talent. Background Records is internationally-acclaimed as being one of the most instrumental and most consistent labels to focus on minimal electronic music in all its facets. Background Records has been a major force in the presentation of minimal techno, introducing and educating the world to the geographic variable influences that exist within the genre. Some of the most influential artists of the minimal electronic music movement around the world have contributed to the label, creating a rich history which stands out from the norm. Long before minimal techno turned into genre after subgenre after subgenre (clicks & cuts, click-house, IDM or micro-house), Background Records focused on all forms of minimal electronic music from 1998 to the present, while always keeping an eye on future new developments and technology within the music. Here you'll find examples from the techno and house movement coming from Detroit and Chicago with no remix gimmicks or otherwise -- just eight quality tunes representing previous and forthcoming artists all with an old-school approach. Classic techno is represented by Further Details' "Half Forgotten Dream," whose lush groove and synth smears offer more than a little hint of Detroit, and Pascal Schaefer's "Deep Thoughts," a lovely slice of tech-house driven by a snaking bass line and shimmying skip, and topped with a sweetly glistening synth melody at song's end. The partying wildcat of the bunch, Frivolous (Daniel Gardner), summons synth squeals and a thudding tech-house groove, evoking Parliament-Funkadelic, with the "Forget the Funk" title. On a more textured tip, there's Antiguo Autómata Mexicano's micro-mix of soft guitar strums, dulcimer swirls, and scurrying beats and DB's voodoo-glitch that evokes a dark jungle teeming with moaning and writhing creatures. Accompanied by The Exposures' N. Gratin, Background head Andy Vaz merges bubbly pinprick techno with soulful guitar funk in a manner that recalls Curtis Mayfield. Capping the album beautifully is Terrence Dixon's track, its soft percolations as lightly chilled as a winter snowflake and its glimmering melodies as bright as fireflies. This mix is a must-have for everyone who has been following Background Records, as this compilation draws a line between the musical past and the future, while they prepare for the next 50 to fill.