3-4 Weeks
Boysnoize Presents Super Acid


2LP version. Boysnoize Records has compiled 12 modern acid jams done by BNR artists and homies like Feadz, Joakim & Krikor and Brodinski, in a tribute to 20 years of acid. How does one make a classic acid track? First, you need a Roland TB-303 bass line which -- back in 1982 -- was made for musicians to replace the actual bass or guitar. Its manual is the most annoying thing to read because it teaches you classic music lessons -- no wonder that the concept of the Roland TB-303 as a real instrument failed and no one wanted to buy it. In the midle of the '80s, DJ Pierre, member of Phuture, produced a 12 minute track "Acid Trax" with just a drum machine and the 303 -- a totally new sound created for the clubs. Shortly after, a few more producers put that "useless" thing together with a drum machine such as the Roland TR-808 or 909, programmed a bass line pattern and recorded live sessions, abusing its incredible filters. Acid-house was born. Because the Roland TB 303 was so expensive, you can find diverse clones of that wonderful machine and you can even make acid sounds with your phone. Boysnoize presents a compilation full of new, modern acid, made in all kinds of ways. Some, well, most of the producers on this compilation have used the classic Roland 303, some used a 303 clone, a 303 plug-in and some even rocked the 303 iPhone application. Some of the producers on this compilation spent their time with all kinds of analog gear and mixers to have the original "warm" sound they love and some others just used a fucking laptop. Can you hear the difference Well, WE can, but do you really? And why release new acid tracks when you can find the best ones made 10-20 years ago? Because this is some fresh acid you haven't heard before, produced by incredible young talents that know everything about the acid-life -- producers that take this genre to another level into the future. Other artists include: Boys Noize, Jan Driver, Housemeister & Dave Tarrida, Noob, Brodinksi, Djedjotronic & Harvard Bass, Siriusmo, Erol Alkan, Shadow Dancer, Strip Steve, and Benny Rodrigues.