Club Coco


2023 repress. Les Disques Bongo Joe presents Club Coco, a summery outernational Latin and Afro rooted music compilation curated by Coco María. An attempt to give back something to music lovers around the world and print on an object a piece of the essence of the community that has been gathering around her weekly radio show at Worldwide FM. Coco María is a DJ and radio host whose musical selection transmits the energy of the Caribbean, Brazil, and the rest of Latin America through records full of samba, jazz, charanga, and cumbia, whilst embracing an internationalist vibe that can also include the most eclectic influences. Her great music taste, charming personality, and unpretentious and intimate way of speaking makes her radio shows intimate and personal. Coco María was starting to extend her musical endeavors beyond her DJ and radio sets by throwing a series of parties called "Club Coco" at Berlin's "Sameheads" venue. This is where Club Coco, the album that you are about to listen to, comes into action. This LP gathers some of the inescapable artists that have been part of Coco María's shows. The list includes Nico Mauskovic, La Perla, Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento, Graham Mushnik, La Redada, Alex Figueira & A. Bechan, Frente Cumbiero, Les Pythons de la Fournaise, Romperayo, Malphino, Max Weissenfeldt, and even Coco María herself. The album stands out by the way it transmits an internationalist identity via Latin music and other Afro rooted influences. In many ways the tracks of the album showcase how these artists use music to reconcile both their pride for Latin American and Afro culture as well as their interest in being part of the cosmopolitanism of big European cities. Thus, each track adds a particular detail into building a perfect soundtrack for a community that is always traveling back and forwards between both regions, always looking for songs that explore the furthest frontiers of tropical music while staying true to the roots of their genres. With Club Coco, Coco María made a further step -- after hosting a club night in the beginning, then getting her weekly show on WWFM -- to create a sound-world of her own. Look, she brought such a variety of artists with such different backgrounds on a single record and the outstanding result is: you hear all the way through that unique Club Coco trademark vibe.