1-2 Weeks
Edges: A New French Electronic Generation

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2008 release. This is the soundtrack of the new French electronic generation. In 1997, Daft Punk released their debut album, Homework, and revolutionized electronic music globally. With the French Touch, a whole generation of rockers and others discovered the joys of dance music, free of barriers and prejudice. Ten years later, two Parisians offered us a "dance-for-all" ticket. In 2007, Justice released Cross, a crossover, unifying record that reconciled electro clubbers and young rockers in slim jeans on the dancefloor -- a hybrid music, symbol of a generation, aptly-named French Touch 2.0, and gravitating around the label Ed Banger. But they are not alone. Since then, other young producers eager to transcend the genres have been working in the shadows, preparing a new electronic revolution. Who are they, and what does today's music sound like? That's what the Dum Edges project is attempting to uncover, with a compilation featuring the most promising artists of that scene. Among these hopefuls, the Jesus look-alike Breakbot, who produced some excellent remixes for Metronomy and Sebastien Tellier; the clubby Parisian duo Gentlemen Drivers who inevitably set the dancefloors on fire; and Nils Hartman from Lyon, whose unusual electro flirts with the experimental. This trio is an awesome representation of the current ultra-inventive, bubbling electronic music scene. In this era of blogs and easy access to the entire history of music, they are among the few French producers who still explore new paths and lay bridges between the genres. These 16 exclusive or rare tracks offer a panorama of this extremely free, vital, eclectic scene. Be it Anoraak's romantic '80s electro-pop or Discodeine's quirky mental house, they all took their cue from the first French Touch: musical open-mindedness, hedonism and innovation. This is a snapshot of a "family" of producers who decided not to choose between darkness and fluorescent hymns, dancefloor power and home listening, underground and mainstream. In short, here is the soundtrack of an era -- our era. Other artists include: Donovan, Mondkopf, Rove Dogs, Digikid 84, Djedjotronic, Stereoheroes, Spoek & Cerebral Vortex and Spa.