Far East! Far Out! The Intoxicating Sounds of Garage, Exotic Beat, & Savage Psychedelia From Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Beyond 1964-1971


Let's go far out in the Far East with Far East! Far Out! Whatever your take, just make sure that before you don't, you witness the rampant fuzz guitar, high impact adrenalin, and drama of the intoxicating sounds from Asia and beyond. Rubble presents a prized collection of bizarre 1960s Eleki, Pop-Yeh-Yeh, Group Sounds, and A-Go-Go scenes from the Far East. It defies western convention and twists it with the same tools into something otherworldly. You have to hear it to believe it! Featuring over 150 tracks of wild garage punk, exotic beat, and raucous psychedelia with a good dose of "what the hell is that!?" So before you open your mind, open your ears! Six-CD box set with 80-page, full-color perfect bound booklet.

Features The Golden Cups, The Beavers, Edwards, The Tempters, The Mops, Jackey Yoshikawa And His The Blue Comets, The Carnabeats, The Outcast, The Trailers, Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, The Astro-Notes, The Mystics, The Spiders, The Voltage, The Golden Cups, Teddy Robin & The Playboys The Kontinentals, The Thunderbirds, Sanisah Huri & The Terwellos, The Downbeats, The Cyclones, Koes Brothers, The Savage, Yuzo Kayama & The Launchers, The Gullivers, Sakura & The Quests, The Straydogs, The Swallows, Kassim Slamat, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, Blue Comets, Usha Iyer & The Flintstones, Mike & Herb & The Silver Strings, The Cougars, The Menace, A Halim & De Fictions, Sound Of Six, The Impian Bateks, A. Romzi & The Hooks, Calcutta 16, D'acrobats, The Jaguars, The Van-Dogs, The Somers, 4-9-1, The Sharp Hawks, The Youngers, Les Kafilas, The Quests, Terry & The Blue Jeans, The Phoenix, The Dynamics, The Wild Ones, Swing West, M Said & Les Ramaja, Ismail Haron & The Guys, The Fingers, Mayuzumi Jun & The Ox, The Black Jacks, Samurai, The Skeletons, Powerhouse, The Taxman, Zoo Nee Voo, Mod East, The Bee Jays, Dara Puspita, The Spirits, The Jets, Jefridin & The Siglap 5, Naomi & The Boys, The White Kicks, Tokyo Beatles, The Jacks, Yuya Uchida & The Flowers, The October Cherries, The Happenings Four, and The Helpful Soul.