Funky Fräuleins Vol. 2: Female Beat, Groove, Funk In Germany

BB 061CD BB 061CD

...1968-1981. The Funky Fräuleins are back for more! Round two is even richer in Teutonic sexiness, hips are swinging more vigorously to more beat and oodles of extra groove. This time, Bureau has ventured as far as the year 1981 -- but only for two tracks. Mostly, this collection is back in the '70s, with the odd beat excursion into the late '60s -- all without a single slice of disco! Amazing! Here's the roll call for your perusal: Uschi Moser presents some wild beat from the raunchy flick Atemlos Vor Liebe (trans. "Yearning For Love"). Veronika Fischer's track is a homage to the railways in finest GDR groove. Fasia brings industrial action with a rallying cry, underpinned by a thumping groove. Joy Fleming's track is cool, the lyrics grotesque. Uschi Glas states let's get straight to it, honey, with music by Peter Thomas. Uschi Brüning presents a slick hymn to the night, oscillating between Barry White and Burt Bacharach. Austrian actress Heidelinde Weis pokes fun at macho dudes with a lascivious and funky track. Caterina Valente does Peter, Paul & Mary's hit in a beat version, intimately arranged by Heinz Kiessling. Hildegard Knef tries a nonchalantly grooving homage to Cole Porter, who took it to Broadway back in 1954. Su Kramer's soulful voice on his track is accompanied by a generously extended drum break. Inga Rumpf (& Peter Herbolzheimer), THE voice of German blues rock has a super-tight stab at funk. Peggy March's track boasts a super-snappy beat with drummer Christian Bruhn setting the scene. Lill Lindfors tries a country evergreen with James Last himself bringing the funk to the party. Angelika Mann is a marital drama about an alcoholic, tightly wrapped in fusion funk, made in the GDR. Li Monty does some dust-dry funk composed by Hammond jazz groove specialist Dieter Reith. An absolute rarity! Anne Haigis had Germany's smokiest vocals in the 1980s, with textbook jazz-funk. Lastly, Donna Gaines presents a psychedelic, hypnotic beat rarity from Donna Summer's fledgling days.